Eat Well for Better Sleep

There are few major functions for sleeping:

  • Sleep allows the body and mind to restore
  • Sleep conserves energy
  • Sleep improves memory and immunity.

There are some poor eating habits that might stop you from having a good night sleep. If you want to sleep soundly every night from now on, here are some changes that you might have to make:

1. Avoid eating too much before bed

  • Eating a big meal one to two hours before bed can divert you from sleeping as the body is busy digesting instead of shutting down.

2. Avoid eating too much gassy or spicy foods at dinner

  • Gassy foods including those of high fiber ones such as dried bean, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, raw onions, peas, leek, corn, brussels sprouts, and nuts could make you feel bloated and it can interfere with your sleeping.
  • Spicy foods may cause heartburn and abdominal discomfort before bed.

4. Eat enough

  • Going to sleep with a very empty stomach might wake you up in the middle of the night as your body is craving for foods.
  • Try to eat more during daytime.

5. Eat a small bedtime snack

  • Adequate carbohydrate snack such as a cup of warm milk, instant oatmeal, or few whole wheat crackers can trigger the release of a brain chemical serotonin which is a sleep enhancer.

6. Avoid alcohol before bedtime

  • Alcohol could only make you fall asleep faster; but you will wake up much sooner.
  • It would also dehydrate your body craving for water in the middle of the night.

7. Relief your stress by exercise and
    eating well

  • Stress causes tension and anxiety also interfere a good sleep.
  • Moderate exercise 4 hours before bed can help you fall asleep faster.
  • Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises are also good stress-relievers.
  • Anti-stress nutrition
    Vitamin B is an essential energy mobilizer and gives you extra energy when your body is under stress. Some vitamin B rich foods are whole wheat bread, lean pork or chicken, yoghurt, mushroom, avocado and brown rice.

    Antioxidant like Vitamin A, C, and E would fight stress induced by-products from your body.


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