Eye care for children

Nowadays, children need to focus on revision, homework and reading, at the same time they keep staring at televisions and computers for long. Their eyes must have been “working hard” and so eye care becomes more and more important and is the hot topic of child care. Children should start going to health centers or clinics with registered optometrists / eye surgeons for eye test at four years old. The sooner the eye diseases are discovered, the sooner your children’s eyes will be taken good care of, preventing the situation from getting worse. Of course, precaution is better than cure; apart from paying attention to their daily lives and taking them to eye test regularly, parents can also prepare food that is good for eyes for children as a supplement. A balanced diet and intake of adequate nutrients are the one and only way of daily eye care.


As we all know, vitamin A can cure night blindness and help soothing the discomfort of children’s eyes. However, excessive intake will lead to intoxication; therefore, we need to pay attention to the quantity when eating meat such as animal liver, egg yolk, etc. Dark green vegetables such as spinach, kale, broccoli, carrot, pumpkin, medlar are rich in carotene, lutein, riboflavin, etc. that are good for eyes. After absorbed into our body, carotene will be converted into vitamin A and our body will adjust the excessive intake by itself. Lutein is a fat-dissoluble and effective anti-oxidant that targets at protein protection, helping to lower the chance of suffering from cataract and improve blood circulation of eyes. After absorption, lutein will be stored mainly on retinal tissues, helping to reduce the effect of strong light on eye sight. Riboflavin can soothe eye fatigue.


Apart from lutein, blueberry also contains anthocyanidins as well as a small amount of vitamin A. Anthocyanidins helps to remove free radicals, protecting eye cells from being harmed by free radicals. Apart from being fruits, it is also a good choice making blueberries into dried fruit without added sugar, blueberry yoghurt, etc. Omega 3, polyunsaturated fat found in deep sea fishes such as salmons is essential for the growth of retina and nervous system, as well as help to maintain normal eye sight.


On the other hand, according to the Chinese medical theories, black fungus can promote liver functions and improve eye sight, while chrysanthemum can disperse wind and remove pathogenic heat, improve eye sight and relieve internal fever. Use regularly when cooking can protect your children’s eye sight.



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