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Abalone and Rice Sticks

Preparation Time:   1  (mins)
Cooking Time:   1  (mins)
Cooking Method:   Others
Cook level:   Difficult


Spare rib (s) 250 g
Japanese Net Abalone 125 g1 pc
Jinhua ham 100 g
Rice sticks 50 g
Broccoli 1 pc
Old Hen 1/2 pc

Sauce & Marinade

Premium Brand Oyster Flavoured Sauce 20 g
Premium Dark Soy Sauce 10 g
Rock sugar 10 g

  1. Soak abalone in running water until soft.
  2. Arrange a layer of old hen in a hot pot.  Put abalone and spare ribs on top.  Add water and cook for about 24 hours.  Add Jinhua ham and cook until sauce thickens.  Adjust the taste.  Set aside.
  3. Cook rice sticks in boiling water until done.  Arrange rice sticks in pattern on a serving plate.  Put abalone on rice sticks.  Reheat the abalone sauce.  Add starch solution and heat through.  Put rice sticks by the side and garnish with broccoli.

Tag: Abalone, Rice Sticks

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